PSP-One Online Social Marketing Conference

March 10-17, 2008

Social Marketing for Health in the Developing World: What Have We Accomplished and What Does the Future Hold?

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February 6, 2008
Registration Open  
February 6, 2008
Welcome Remarks Ruth Berg, Project Director, Private Sector Partnerships One (PSP-One) Project/Abt Associates

Pre Conference Expert Exchange Forum  -  NOW OPEN!

In this forum, participants will be able to listen to or read pre-conference interviews by experienced social marketing professionals, and read postings exchanged between the panelists. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions and post comments during this Expert Exchange Forum. Featured speakers include:

  • Francoise Armand, Director of Social Marketing and Pharmaceutical Partnerships, PSP-One Project/Abt Associates
  • Phil Harvey, President, DKT International
  • R. Craig Lefebvre, Chief Technical Officer, Population Services International (PSI)
  • Don Levy, Chief of Party, PRISM/Philippines, Chemonics International
  • Bruce Mackay, South Asia Regional Director, HLSP
  • Reed Ramlow, Private Sector Program Director, Academy for Educational Development (AED)

Panel 1- Public-Private Partnerships: What Have We Learned? -  NOW OPEN!

March 10, 2008
Conference Site Opens!
Richard Burns, Team Leader, Ghana Sustainability Change Project/AED "Blue", Segmenting in the Oral Contraceptive Market in Ghana
Elizabeth Gardiner, CARISMA Team Leader, Options Consultancy Services Building the Total Condom Market in the Caribbean
Ruth Massingill, Faculty, Sam Houston State University, Department of Mass Communication How Social Marketing Partnerships Combat HIV in Mexico
Sanjeev Vyas, Program Manager, PSP-One India/Abt Associates Catalyzing Partnerships Through Category Campaigns
Maria Charito M. Magno, Senior Technical Director, PRISM/Philippines, Chemonics International Increasing Access to Safe and Affordable Family Planning Methods: Strategic Marketing of Marvelon 28
——        Questions / Comments        ——               

Panel 2: Where is the B in BCC (Behavior Change Communication)? -  NOW OPEN!

March 12, 2008 Panel 2 Opens! Lynda Bardfield, Associate Director, Strategic Behavioral Communication, Family Health International "BRAVO" for BCC
Andrew Miller, Director of Communications, PSI/Malawi

Jessica Greene, IPC Technical Advisor, AIDSMARK, PSI
Using Social Marketing Principles to Build a Credible "Brand" to Promote Behavior Change Among Young People in Malawi
Anand Sinha,
Chief of Party, PSP-One India/Abt Associates
Growing the Condom Market in North India: The Bindaas Bol Campaign
Benjamin W. Bellows,
Epidemiology Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

Richard Lowe,
Epidemiology Masters Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Assessing the Impact of BCC Programs in an Output-based Aid Project Treating Sexually-transmitted Infections in Southwestern Uganda
R. Craig Lefebvre, Chief Technical Officer, PSI New Media and Marketing of Behavior Change
——        Questions / Comments        ——               

Panel 3- What’s New in Social Marketing for Health -  NOW OPEN!

March 13, 2008 Panel 3 Opens! Rochelle Rainey, Environmental Health Technical Advisor, USAID Global Health Bureau Lessons Learned in the Introduction of Point-of-use Water Treatment Products
Steve Honeyman, Country Representative, PSI/Nepal Can a Variety of Social Marketing Models Co-exist in a Single Social Marketing Program: Lessons Learned from Nepal
Claudia Velasquez, Senior Program Officer for Research and M&E, Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University Expanding Choice and Increasing Access Through Social Marketing: Offering the Standards Days Methods in Ecuador, Benin, and Democratic Republic of Congo
Robert Porter, Senior Technical Advisor, Constella Futures

Margot Fahnestock, Project and Research Manager, Constella Futures
Reassessing HIV Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa: Have We Been Targeting the Right Populations?
James Shelton, Science Advisor, Bureau for Global Health, USAID Depo-Provera in Uniject: Perfect for Social Marketing
——        Questions / Comments        ——               

Closing Remarks and Summary

March 17, 2008 Conference Summary Ruth Berg, Project Director, Private Sector Partnerships One (PSP-One) Project/Abt Associates