SHOPS and mHealth Alliance Hold Online Conference:

Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Family Planning, Maternal Health and Newborn Services in the Developing World

Launched May 5, 2010

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Expert Forum   

In this forum, participants can listen to or read pre-conference interviews with experts who have varying perspectives on promising mHealth innovations, barriers to scale and financial sustainability, and factors that drive successful partnerships. You can also post comments and engage in dialogue with one another. Featured speakers include:

  • Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Board, mHealth Alliance
  • Yusuf Ibrahim, Kenya MOH liaison to DataDyne
  • Holly Ladd, VP and Director, AED Satellife
  • Jon Stross, General Manager, Johnson & Johnson BabyCenter
  • Patty Mechael, Director for Strategic Application of Mobile Technology for Public Health and Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • Jeff Sturchio, CEO Global Health Council
  • Garrett Mehl, WHO Department Reproductive Health & Research

Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Family Planning, Maternal Health and Newborn Services in the Developing World

——        Welcoming Remarks        ——               
Introduction Pamela Riley, mHealth Senior Advisor, Abt Associates mHealth: The Tool You Can’t Afford to Do Without

Panel 1: mHealth Interventions Along the Continuum of Care

Family Planning Kelly L’Engle, PhD, MPH, Scientist, Family Health International Mobile for Reproductive Health (m4RH): Communicating Family Planning Information via Mobile Phones
Pregnancy Theodore Svoronos, Health Systems Fellow, Earth Institute, Columbia University CommCare: Automated Quality Improvement to Strengthen Community-Based Health
Safe Labor & Delivery Tim Wood, Director Mobile Health Innovations, Grameen Foundation Mobile Technology for Community Health (MoTeCH)
Newborn Care Matt Berg, MSc, eHealth Solutions Advisor and ICT Coordinator, Millennium Villages Project ChildCount+: Empowering Community Health Workers to Improve Child and Maternal Health
——        Questions / Comments        ——               

Panel 2: mHealth Applications Addressing Different Stakeholder Needs

Patient Education & Awareness Priya Jha, Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University CycleTel™ Proof-of-Concept Results: Key Considerations for Design of mHealth Interventions in FP/RH
William Warshauer, Voxiva Text4Baby: An Innovative mHealth Solution
Service Provider Training & Support OP Singh, Catholic Relief Services Texting ASHA: Texting with a Purpose
Thokozani Bema, K4Health Network Coordinator, Management Sciences for Health K4Health: Mobile Phone Technology to Improve Family Planning in Malawi
Program Management Ben Bellows, Population Council SMS Platform for Output-based Voucher Program
——        Questions / Comments        ——               

Panel 3: Cross-Cutting mHealth Issues

Project Planning & Evaluation Heli Bathija, Area Manager for the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, WHO Framework for Planning, Implementing and Evaluating an mHealth Project for Family Planning or Maternal and Newborn Health
Financial Sustainability Anne Roos-Weil, Co-founder and CEO, Pesinet Fee-Based Home Monitoring
Supply Chain Management Daniel Crapper, Population Services International Ongeo Zaidi na Salama – Using Mobile Phone Networks to Improve Health in Tanzania
——        Questions / Comments        ——               

Closing Remarks and Summary

Summary Pamela Riley, mHealth Senior Advisor, Abt Associates
Closing Remarks David Aylward, Executive Director, mHealth Alliance